SUITE in Norwegian radio

27.01.2020 -

Yesterday the Norwegian Radio NRK Klassisk aired an episode of Spillerom Søndag in which you could hear an excerpt of the Norwegian premiere of my SUITE for ensemble. The recording was made during the Nordic Music Days in Bodø November 2019 and the piece was performed by the Norwegian Cikada ensemble, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary last year. The episode also features a short interview with yours truly made by NRK-journalist Kristin Kverndokk. Thank you to the ensemble and conductor Halldis Rønning for such a positive process and nice performance! Her the episode here.



Recording sessions with ensemble recherche

20.01.2020 -

From January 20th to 29th I will be in Freiburg with ensemble recherche to rehearse and record material for the project Recomposed Music Matters, which is produced by Foreningen 458. The recorded material will be a keystone in Morten Riis’ new custom-build sound installation-machine, The [electro]Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra. Morten Riis will perform live on the machine together with ensemble recherche during the Recomposed Music Matters-project, which will have its premiere in Copenhagen and Aarhus in June 2020. More info will follow soon!


ensemble recherche



Album with Nachtmusik recommended on BBC Radio3

11.01.2020 -

Andrew McGregor, host on BBC Radio3’s Record Review, played an excerpt from the album Nachtmusik · For Violin and Orchestra with pieces by Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen and yours truly.


About Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen’s For Violin and Orchestra McGregor said:

“A hugely enjoyable performance of violinist Christina Åstrand with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Nicholas Collon. A clever and immediately attractive piece.”


About my double concerto Nachtmusik, McGregor said: “Allan Gravgaard Madsen takes a single note for a nocturnal walk in a world full of noises to pretty compelling effect.”


“I love listening to both of these [pieces]. So well recorded,” said McGregor to end off his recommendation.


Thank you for the kind words! You can hear the show via this link. The show available for an additional 29 days.


Nachtmusik now online!

13.12.2019 -

My double concerto Nachtmusik is now online! What a privilege it has been to work with such amazing artists and nice people! Very honoured to share my first ever release on Dacapo Records with Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (1932-2016) and his For Violin and Orchestra which he also wrote for Christina Åstrand. Nachtmusik was written for Christina Åstrand (violin), Per Salo (piano), Ryan Bancroft (conductor) and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra and premiered September 5th 2019 in DR Koncerthuset. Find the album, where you usually buy your music:



Article about upcoming album @ Dacapo Records’ website

05.12.2019 -

On Friday December 13th the album Nachtmusik · For Violin and Orchestra will be released. The recording presents two concertante works from one of my heroes, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, and yours truly. Dacapo Records just publish an article about the album. Read it here! (in English!)



CD-release event for Nachtmusik

29.11.2019 -

On December 13th at 5pm there will be a release-event at Apollo Bar in the occasion of Dacapo Records’ release of the album Nachtmusik / For Violin and Orchestra. The album includes two concerts written by one of the most iconic Danish composers, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, and yours truly.


The concerts were recorded by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra with concertmaster Christina Åstrand as soloist in both works – and in my Nachtmusik her duo-partner and husband, Per Salo, joins her.


During the release-event Christina Åstrand, Per Salo and yours truly will talk about the two pieces, our collaboration and listen to excerpts from the two pieces. After the Talk there will be a reception and celebration of the release and the new CD can be purchased at special price. See the facebook-event here!


cover design: Denise Burt


November Newsletter out!

27.11.2019 -

My November newsletter is out! This time mostly focusing on my double concerto Nachtmusik with excerpts from articles, interviews, reviews, podcast and more. Read the newsletter here! (in Danish)



Special Recognition to Nachtmusik!

26.11.2019 -

It has just been announced that my double concerto, Nachtmusik, has received a Special Recognition by the Danish Arts Foundation. I’m very thankful for this great honour!
Nachtmusik was commissioned by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra (“DR SymfoniOrkestret”) and premiered September 5th 2019 by Christina Åstrand, Per Salo and DR SymfoniOrkestret with Ryan Bancroft conducting.


“[…] Hypnotic. […] Allan Gravgaard Madsen has created a deeply fascinating work, which embodies compositional control and uninhibited sound beauty that can only awake enthusiasm.” (Excerpt from the committee’s motivation.)



9 works have received a Special Recognition this year. Read the full press release here. (in Danish)


Photo: Søren Krabbe / DR

SUITE included in box set!

20.11.2019 -

An early Christmas present in the mail for me! Warszawska Jesień / Warsaw Autumn has sent me a 10 CD-box set with recordings from the 2018-edition of the festival, where the always amazing ensemble recherche premiered my SUITE.
I began writing the piece when I participated in ‘Klassen-Arbeit’, the ensemble’s project for young composers, in 2014 and four years later I finished all the five movements, which the ensemble then premiered at the Warsaw Autumn Festival in September 2018. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to get to know such dedicated musicians and nice people.


The 10-CD box set published by the Polish Music Information Centre

Thank you Cikada and Nordic Music Days 2019!

18.11.2019 -

Thank you to Cikada and Halldis Rønning for a brilliantly beautiful Norwegian first performance of my SUITE in the dark filled Bodø north of the polar circle Friday November 15th. The concert was a part of the Nordic Music Days, which is a festival for Nordic music founded in 1888!


Photo: Audun Selnes / Pott og Panne


Guest @ Hammer & Cilius

27.09.2019 -

Yesterday the radio show about classical music, Hammer & Cilius, aired a new episode focusing on night music and they invited me to come and talk about what fascinates me about the night and how you hear this in my newest piece Nachtmusik. Practise your Danish and listen to the show here.


Mathias Hammer (left) and Frederik Cilius (right) are hosts at the weekly radio show about classical music


Den Korte Radioavis wins Prix Radio 2019

21.09.2019 -

Friday September 20th 2019 Den Korte Radioavis received Best Satire Show of the Year for fifth year in a row at the official radio awards Prix Radio! Producer Nina Ahrenkiel Nielsen and writer Lise Benthin Præstgaard received the award on behalf of the whole team. Thank you for letting me play along once in a while!


photo: Mads Brügger


Podcast about the making of Nachtmusik

20.09.2019 -

Radiojournalist Mikkel Bøgeskov Andersson followed my work with my double concerto, Nachtmusik, for 1,5 year from the first meeting with the two soloists Christina Åstrand (violin) and Per Salo (piano) to the first rehearsal with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra three days before the premiere September 5th with Ryan Bancroft conducting. The 65-minutes long podcast is in Danish, but if you want to give it a listen anyway you can do it here.



Nachtmusik reviewed

15.09.2019 -

My double concerto, Nachtmusik had its world premiere Thursday September 5th with Duo Åstrand/Salo and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ryan Bancroft. Edition·S have made a recap of three reviews, where Nachtmusik is described with very fine words. The piece was performed after Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schönberg and before Jean Sibelius’ 5th Symphony. Read the recap here.



Interview @ Viborg Stifts Folkeblad

14.09.2019 -

After the premiere of Nachtmusik last week, I talked to my local news paper growing up: Viborg Stifts Folkeblad. We talked about how important the local music scene has been to me growing up and my musical development: The music lessons at Hald Ege School and Viborg Katedralskole, MGK at Viborg Music School and singing in Viborg Cathedral with the choirs there. Something that was not included in the article was also the concerts with classical music in Viborg Musikforening, the collaboration with now closed Det Jyske Ensemble and the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra’s annual concerts in the Viborg Cathedral School Gym hall. Especially the concerts with live symphonic music in the local community have left traces to this day. Thank you!



Interview @ DR P1

13.09.2019 -

Earlier today I was a guest in the radio show 4. division at channel P1 at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. I was invited by the hosts Reimer Bo Christensen, Adam Holm and Chris Pedersen to talk about my double concerto Nachtmusik, which was “cultural recommendation of the week”. The interview was in Danish and will start at 01:38:48 on this link.



Nachtmusik reviewed

12.09.2019 -

My publisher Edition·S has made a recap of some of the reviews of the first performance of my double concerto Nachtmusik written for Christina Åstrand, Per Salo, Ryan Bancroft and the DR SymfoniOrkestret! Read it here! It’s been a great privilege and pleasure for me to get to know such dedicated musicians and nice people.


Photo: Søren Krabbe / DR


Interview @ Politiken / iByen

10.09.2019 -

One night in the end of August I went for a 4-hour walk with journalist Mie Haugaard from Politiken / iByen around Copenhagen. We did the walk in occasion of the first performance of my double concerto Nachtmusik, which I wrote for Duo Åstrand / Salo, conductor Ryan Bancroft and Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR SymfoniOrkestret. Read the interview here (in Danish)


Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull for DR