P2 Award for ‘There is no rose…’

20.01.2018 -

Conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Vocalgroup Concert Clemens received the ‘Listeners Choice’-award for their CD ‘There is no rose…’ at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s P2 Award Show last night. Thank you to Carsten and Concert Clemens for always being positive and constructive. A pleasure working with you! Congratulations with the award! Listen to the album here!


Left to right: Marianne Langberg, Concert Clemens · Charlotte Thorqvist, Concert Clemens · Carsten Seyer-Hansen · Inge, ambassador for P2 Listeners · Niels Peder S. Gejl, Concert Clemens


New commission for a double concerto

04.01.2018 -

I’m very excited to announce that I have been commissioned by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation to write a new double concerto for violin, piano and orchestra for Duo Åstrand / Salo (Christina Åstrand (violin) and Per Salo (piano)) and the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. The date for the premiere is not fixed yet. Looking forward to work closely with Christina and Per in the development of this piece!


Duo Åstrand / Salo


Tutti the Tiger online!

02.01.2018 -

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra‘s Musikkens Børn‘ is now online. If you are having a baby in Aarhus in 2018, then I have great news for you. If you register your baby and yourself you will be offered short baby-concerts with musicians from the orchestra close to your home and you will get a lot of ideas to how to use the music with your child and share it within your family. As your baby becomes older, you will be invited to come and hear the whole symphony orchestra in concert! 


I was so lucky to be asked to compose music for the infomercial about the project. Thank you to Søren Kinch Hansen, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Henrik Winther Hansen, who recorded the music in August 2017.


Read more here! (in DK)




01.01.2018 -

I was so lucky to be the host at two New Year’s Concerts at the Copenhagen Opera House. A heartfelt thank you to the festive audience, the Royal Danish Orchestra, conductor Christian Vasquez, the soloists (Sofie Elkjær Jensen, David Kempster, Marianna Shirinyan and members of the orchesta) and not least all the people behind the scenes. It was a big pleasure to see how all the different departments at the Royal Danish Theater works together on one final product. It is a type of cooperation, where there is a short way from thought to action and where tradition and innovation walks hand in hand. If I didn’t like the Royal Danish Theater before, I do now! Happy New Year!


Photo: twitter.com/NickFordDK


Happy New Year 2017!

27.12.2017 -

Looking through my calendar for 2017, I once again find myself feeling very privileged and thankful for being able to look back on a year filled with work involving so many wonderful and amazing people! There are many individual people to thank, but for providing their talents for my output in 2017 I would especially like to thank ensemble recherche, Ensemble Lemniscate, Kollektiv Totem Esbjerg Ensemble, Ensemble du Bout du Monde, Aarhus Symfoniorkester, Vocalgroup Concert Clemens, Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Søren Kinch Hansen. A very special thank you goes to Mathias Kjøller and the JACK Quartet for participating in my DEBUT in May. All of you make me want to work harder and become better. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018!


Photo from DEBUT @ KLANG Festival May 2017 by Niels Nygaard


Hosting the New Year’s Concerts with the Royal Danish Orchestra

11.12.2017 -

During the last day of the year I will host two concert with the Royal Danish Orchestra and conductor Christian Vasquez. The repertoire will be a mix of Danish romantic pieces, musical songs and an American half with pieces by Gershwin and Berstein – amongst other things! Very excited for this! More info here!


Screen shot from the Royal Theatre’s website.


‘There is no rose’ nominated for P2 Award

03.12.2017 -

The CD ‘There is no rose’ – with an arrangement of ‘Veni, Veni Emmanuel’ by yours truly – has just been nominated in the category ‘Danish Album of the year’ by the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s channel for classical music, P2. The winner will be announced at the P2 Award Show the 19th of January. Thank you to conductor Carsten Seyer-Hansen and the Vocalgroup Concert Clemens for an always positive energy and not least a great recording. Fingers crossed!


Picture from the announcement. Click picture for link to article. (in Danish)


New Artistic Director of Århus Sinfonietta

17.11.2017 -

I’m very happy to announce that I have accepted an invitation from Århus Sinfonietta for the position as their new Artistic Director starting from the 2018-season. Since 1990 the ensemble has commissioned, premiered and performed hundreds of new works and now New Music-classics by national and international composers like Per Nørgård, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Kaija Saariaho, Karl Aage Rasmussen, Niels Rosing-Schow, Bent Sørensen, Mette Nielsen, Karlheinz Stockhausen, György Ligeti, Edgard Varèse, Salvatore Sciarrino, Simon Steen-Andersen, Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen, Ole Buck and many others. Including pieces by Li-Ying Wu, who was the ensemble’s Composer-in-Residence from 2011 to 2014. Looking forward to announce the new season in the near future!


Århus Sinfonietta


New award to Den Korte Radioavis

04.11.2017 -

On Monday the 6th of November Den Korte Radioavis will receive Den Gyldne Grundtvig. Bo Klindt Poulsen, chairman of the prize committee, writes: “Through their original and gifted use of satire and comedy, Den Korte Radioavis, has managed to create a news coverage that appears far sharper, more relevant and uncompromising than the rest of the Danish news.” Congratulations to the team behind Den Korte Radioavis! Read the article in Stiften about the award.


Frederik Cilius (left) and Rasmus Bruun from Den Korte Radioavis | press photo


Culture Night event @ Glyptoteket

12.10.2017 -

I have curated a playlist with the theme “power” for the Culture Night event @ Glyptoteket this coming Friday. The silent disco will begin at 6pm and end 11:30pm. Music by and with Palestrina, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Tallis, Bernard Herrmann, Beyoncé, Ottorino Respighi, James Brown, Shostakovich, Snap!, Verdi, Huey Lewis and the News, Ockeghem, Line Tjørnhøj, John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band, Sex Pistols, Tracy Chapman, Chopin, Berlioz and Rage Against The Machine. More info here.




Greek premiere of Schattenschwarz

03.10.2017 -

My piece for prepared saxophone quartet, Schattenschwarz, will be performed by Ensemble du Bout du Monde at four occasions in Greece in November. Thank you to Ensemble du Bout du Monde for taking on the piece! Please go ahead and check out their complete season here!


Ensemble du Bout du Monde


New awards for Den Korte Radioavis

20.09.2017 -

Den Korte Radioavis won two prizes at the official radio awards Prix Radio last Friday. Congratulations to the whole team behind the show with the awards for Best Satire Show of the Year and Best Show of the Year – in the 3rd year in a row! Thanks for letting me play along once in a while!


Photo: Radiodays


Score for Musikkens Børn

05.08.2017 -

I have just finished the score for Aarhus Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming informercial about their Musikkens Børn-project. A project that offers to ‘adopt’ all children born in Aarhus in 2018 and offer the children and their parents special concerts until the children have reach 6 years of age. The score will be recorded the 23rd of August in Symphonic Hall by the orchestra conducted by Søren K. Hansen. Musikken Børn was made possible with a very generous donation from Nordea Foundation and The Obel Family Foundation.


Musikkens Børn’s mascot, the tiger Tutti.


Composer-in-Residence @ Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

22.06.2017 -

I was a high school student at Viborg Katedralskole, when I heard a symphony orchestra live for the first time. It changed my life. The orchestra back then was Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and the orchestra has ever since had a special place in my heart. It is therefore almost unreal, that I now get the possibility to fulfil an old dream: I’m the next composer-in-residence for Aarhus Symphony Orchestra from 2017 to 2021. Thank you to the Danish Arts Council‘s Grant Committee for Music and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra for making this happen. I’m looking so much forward to this. Read the press release from the Danish Arts Council here (in Danish)


I will be the new Composer-in-Residence for Aarhus Symphony Orchestra from 2017 to 2021.


Interview in Seismograf

21.06.2017 -

Journalist Sune Anderberg followed me the months before my DEBUT and some time after. Read the long-read interview with me here (in Danish) at Seismograf.org.


Photo: Stine Vejen



06.06.2017 -

Thank you to all who showed up at the premiere of DEBUT Friday May 26th in Musikhuset Aarhus and Saturday May 27th at KLANG Festival in KoncertKirken! Thank you to everyone who was involved in the process of making it happen and not at least thank you to timbre extraordinaire Mathias Kjøller and the ever amazingly awesome JACK Quartet! I feel so privileged to be able to work with such nice people and great musicians.


photo: Niels Nygaard


Interview in Magasinet Klassisk

11.05.2017 -

Interview in Magasinet Klassisk in connection with my upcoming DEBUT @ Musikhuset Aarhus (May 26th) and @ KoncertKirken / KLANG Festival (May 27th) with JACK Quartet and Mathias Kjøller. It’s in Danish but the headline says: “I have something to say, but I’d rather not.” Practise your Danish and read the full interview by Per Rask Madsen in the current edition of the magazine or read a excerpt here. Photo: Stine Vejen.


Photo on the left: Stine Vejen

Photo on the left: Stine Vejen


New chairman for AUT

27.04.2017 -

Today I was elected to be the new chairman of AUT – Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere – an organisation focusing on sounds arts since 1966. Very happy to take over after Line Tjørnhøj, who has done massive work to make AUT an important voice for the new and experimenting sounds of our time. I hope to continue this work with as much success as Line has.


new chairman


Recording of ‘Ouverture’ in Danish Radio

26.04.2017 -

Last night @ the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s DR P2, the recording of my ‘Ouverture’ performed by ensemble recherche @ Ultraschall Berlin – Festival für Neue Musik – was broadcast. You can stream it here. The link should start 2:25:00 in the programme. It also features an ultra short interview (in Danish) with me by Max Fage-Pedersen about my stay in Freiburg and working with ensemble recherche.


ensemble recherche | Photo: M. Korbel

ensemble recherche | Photo: M. Korbel


Admissions Committee

03.04.2017 -

I was selected by the board of the Danish Composers’ Society to sit in the admissions committee starting from now and the next four years. Thank you to the board for this opportunity!


BEINTA nominated for a Carl Award!

21.03.2017 -

Today it was announced that BEINTA – a symphonic song cycle – is nominated for a Carl Award in the category “Best Classical Composition – big ensemble”.  Anna Katrin and I are very happy and honoured for this appreciation of our piece.
The piece was commissioned by AUT – Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere – for their 50th Anniversary in 2016 and premiered by Anna Katrin, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and conductor Jesper Nordin at SPOT Festival with visual elements by RAMMATIK in April 2016. BEINTA also received a Prize from the Danish Arts Foundation in December 2016.
Fingers crossed until April 24th where the winner of the category will be announced!


Photo: Frederik Sakham Lomborg

From the premiere of BEINTA April 2016 | Photo: Frederik Sakham Lomborg


Talent Prize from Léonie Sonning’s Music Fond

14.03.2017 -

Very honoured and thankful for receiving a Talent Prize from the Léonie Sonning’s Music Fond this year. Thank you to the board for this special honour and congratulations to all of the other Talents receiving a prize this year.
Below you can watch an interview with me (in Danish) and a recording of the two first movements from my trio Air for piccolo flute, violin and viola with Anna Jalving (violin), Robert Karlsson (viola) and Marie Sønderskov (piccolo).




Debut May 2017

06.02.2017 -

In May 2017 I will take my exam from the Avanced Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Composition at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, after 9 years of study. With me I will have some national and international guests, who will be revealed soon. Please come and celebrate with me! More info to come!

26th of May 2017, 7:30pm: Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus (free admission)
27th of May 2017, 7:30pm: KoncertKirken, Copenhagen (admission)


Screen Shot debut concert


Young Nordic Music Days 2016 Documentary online!

31.01.2017 -

Great documentary by Swami Silva about the Young Nordic Music Days / Ung Nordisk Musikfestival which Kaj Duncan David, Lasse D. Hansen and I had the pleasure of organising last August. A big thank you to our team, all the volunteers and of course all the sponsors and collaborators which made it all possible! Iceland will host the Young Nordic Music Days 2017 from August 14th to 19th.


Best concert of 2016

02.01.2017 -

Great start on 2017! Very nice words from Music Editor Thomas Michelsen from Politiken in their focus on events from the past year:


“[…] best classical concert experience of 2016. An evening with both wow-effect, humor and wit.”


The words goes to AUT’s 50 Anniversary Concert with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Nicolas Hodges and Baldur Bronnimann in October 2016 with works by Lasse D. Hansen, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Simon Steen-Andersen, Mathias Monrad Møller and Rasmus Zwicki! I was so lucky to be able to curate the concert. Thank you to all involved!


From Politiken 01.01.17

From Politiken 01.01.17

Happy New Year 2016!

30.12.2016 -

Thank you to all the musicians and artists that I have been so fortunate to work with in 2016! Especially Vocalgroup Concert Clemens, Carsten Seyer-Hansen (conductor), Aarhus Studiekor, Mathias Skaarup Sørensen (conductor), FACES Ensemble, Aksiom Ensemble, Kai Grinde Myrann (conductor), Randers Kammerorkester, ensemble recherche, Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Jesper Nordin (conductor), Marie Sønderskov (flute), Anna Jalving (violin), Daniel Tølbøll Mortensen (viola), Robert Karlsson (viola), Malthe Volfing Højager (cello), Signe Asmussen (voice), Mathias Kjøller (clarinet), Vibeke Kærsgaard Lembcke (clarinet), Kristian Flagstad (clarinet) and Christian Jørgensen (double bass). Also thank you to the whole team involved with the making of the Young Nordic Music Days in August and the three collaborations with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, which I curated. Best wishes for 2017 and a Happy New Year to you all!


Dharma Dreameater 10 Years Anniversary!

20.12.2016 -

I wrote the score for Dharma Dreameater in 2006. Today 10 years ago we recorded the score with The Jutland Ensemble in Viborg Musiksal.


Prize from the Danish Arts Foundation

19.12.2016 -

BEINTA – a symphonic song cycle – composed in collaboration with Anna Katrin Øssursdóttir Egilstrøð was awarded the annual Prize from the Danish Arts Foundation. We feel very honoured and thankful for this great honour! BEINTA was premiered the 30th of April 2016 with Anna Katrin (soloist), Jesper Nordin (conductor), Aarhus Symphony Orchestra during SPOT Festival as a part of AUT – Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere – 50th Anniversary with film elements by RAMMATIK. Thank you to all involved in this project! Read the motivation from the Danish Arts Foundation here! (in Danish)


Photo: Frederik Sakham Lomborg

Photo: Frederik Sakham Lomborg

CD of the week

12.12.2016 -

The vocal group Concert Clemens newly-released CD with Christmas arrangement by different composers on Orchid Classics is CD of the week on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s P2. My arrangement of Veni, Veni Immanuel is highlighted in the review: “… a new, very nice arrangement by Allan Gravgaard Madsen – I wonder if it’s a coming Danish choir classic?” Read the review here (in Danish). The CD can be bought at Amazon, Naxos, iTunes, by contacting Concert Clemens here or at the upcoming concert and CD-release Saturday December 17th 4pm in Aarhus Cathedral. See event. Thank you to Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Concert Clemens for this opportunity.


Arrangement released on CD!

29.10.2016 -

The vocal group Concert Clemens have just released their new CD with Christmas arrangement by different composers on Orchid Classics. My arrangement of Veni, Veni Immanuel is one of the arrangements on the CD. Thank you to Carsten Seyer-Hansen and Concert Clemens for this opportunity. The CD can be bought at Amazon, Naxos, iTunes or by contacting Concert Clemens here.


Photo: Stine Vejen

Photo: Stine Vejen


Great reviews for AUT 50th Anniversary Concert!

11.10.2016 -

Friday the 7th of October 2016 AUT had their 50th Anniversary Concert with Baldur Brönnimann, Nicolas Hodges, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and a lot of special guests. I curated the programme for this concert, which consisted of the world premiere of pieces by Lasse D. Hansen and Mathias Monrad Møller, the Danish premiere of pieces by Anna Thorvaldsdottir and Simon Steen-Andersen and an exceptional performance of Rasmus Zwicki‘s Last Symphony. The concert was arranged in collaboration with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus, SPOT Festival and AUT.


Politiken: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Read the review here! (in Danish)


Stiften: ★★★★★☆
Read the review here! (in Danish)


Jyllands-Posten: ★★★★★☆
Read the review here! (in Danish)


John Christiansen, jcklassisk.dk, wrote a very positive review. Read the review here! (in Danish)


Danish premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen's Piano Concerto | photo: Allan Gravgaard Madsen

Danish premiere of Simon Steen-Andersen’s Piano Concerto | photo: Allan Gravgaard Madsen

Kontrapunkt @ Nordic Music Days 2016

28.09.2016 -

I will be joining the Danish team once again for yet another edition of the quiz show about contemporary music. The new rounds, where each team will be competing in knowledge about the newest music, will take place during the Nordic Music Days in Iceland the 29th of September to 1st of October 2016.





New awards to Den Korte Radioavis

19.09.2016 -

Den Korte Radioavis won two prizes at the official radio awards Prix Radio last Friday. Congratulations to the whole team behind the show with the awards for Best Satire Show of the Year and Best Show of the Year! Thanks for letting me play along once in a while!


Photo: Radiodays

Photo: Radiodays


Den Korte Radioavis Kenzo-spoof

14.09.2016 -

Made in connection to Prix Radio – the Danish official radio prize. I’m participating as Speaker-Allan in the end of the video.



New Season of Den Korte Radioavis

28.08.2016 -

I will join the new season of the multi-award winning political satire radio show Den Korte Radioavis. First episode will launch Monday August 29th 2016 and it will be on air every weekday from 12:05pm to 1pm at Radio24syv.


Photo: Klaus Vedfelt

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt


Tanz Suite @ Young Nordic Music Days 2016

26.07.2016 -

The Norwegian ensemble Aksiom will perform my Tanz Suite 17th of August 7:30pm at the Young Nordic Music Days in Aarhus. The festival will take place from 15th of August to 20th of August and over 40 pieces by young Nordic composers will be performed during the festival. 8 concerts and 5 talks. All free. See the full programme here!




Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Grant 2016

01.07.2016 -

This week I received a grant from the Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens Grant. Thank you to the board for this tremendous honour! It is very overwhelming! I received the grant with two of my colleagues Martin Stauning and Mette Nielsen. Congratulations to them and check them out! Edition·S brings an article here.


Great reviews of BEINTA!

02.05.2016 -

5 hearts out of 6 in Politiken with the words: “[…] a piece for orchestra, that deserves to be heard much more than the premiere at SPOT Festival.”
5 stars out of 6 in Nordjyske with the words: “When the strings droned and the horns roared and the rhythm decreased it was so magnificent that the jaw dropped all the way to the floor. The 40 minutes went by way too fast.”
4 stars out of 6 in Stiften with the words: “Very interesting and very skilfully made.”

Read all the reviews on Edition·S’s website here!


Photo: Frederik Sakham Lomborg

Photo: Frederik Sakham Lomborg