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SUITE (2014-2018) for ensemble

  • First movement Ouverture was commissioned by ensemble recherche and the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.
  • First performed by ensemble recherche at the Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio, Warsaw, 22.09.18, during Warsaw Autumn.
  • Instrumentation: / / perc (1) / pno /
  • Duration: ca. 24:00

SUITE is in five movements:

  • I. Ouverture (2016) for ensemble, 10:00
  • II. Air I (2014-2015) for piccolo and strings, 8:00
  • III. Gigue (2018) for percussion and winds, 2:30
  • IV. Air II (2014-2015) for piccolo and strings, 0:50
  • V. Réjouissance (2018) for ensemble, 0:01


Ouverture, Air I & II, and Gigue can be performed individually. Réjouissance can potentially also be performed as an appendix to Ouverture.

Just before the Danish first performance of SUITE with ensemble recherche @ KLANG Festival / Photo: Alexander Banck-Petersen
Applause after the concert @ Warsaw Autumn, where ensemble recherche premiered my complete SUITE.

about SUITE:

Peter Johannes Erichsen, Weekendavisen, January 15th 2021

“The impression of satanic tiptoeing is present all the time.“

Henrik Friis, Politiken, November 5th 2020:

“[SUITE] is related to [Gravgaard’s] double concerto, which the Danish National Symphony Orchestra premiered last year, where everything grows out of a very long series of repetitions of a single note. Where the intensity increases and increases, while the movements get shorter and shorter. This gave a unique, dramatic form.

Mads Hæsum Christensen, Seismograf.org, November 4th 2020:

“[SUITE] exists in the extreme registers on the traditional instruments. It was both interesting, fragile and well-sounding …

Thomas Michelsen, Politiken, June 4th 2020:

“[Gravgaard Madsen] shows just how brilliant he is, when he creates music based on Bach’s 18th century material.”

Simon Cummings, 5:4, November 19th 2019:

“I’m still trying to decide whether Allan Gravgaard Madsen‘s SUITE was simply the wrong piece of music at the wrong time or just a poor piece of music full stop.”

The 10-CD box set published by the Polish Music Information Centre

Polish Music Information Centre and Warszawska Jesień / Warsaw Autumn included SUITE in a 10 CD-box set with recordings from the 2018-edition of the festival, where ensemble recherche premiered the piece.