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Come Closer (2021) for ensemble

Come closer

Come Closer was a part of the immersive hybrid-installation KONTAKT. I was invited to join the project by ensemble recherche and the installation was premiered in EnsembleHaus, Freiburg, in 2021. An online version is available.

Text by ensemble recherche:

The last year and a half seems like a constant loose connection. Sometimes we are allowed to meet, sometimes we are only allowed to connect virtually. Closeness and distance, the fundamental poles of human relationships, have become a matter of negotiation for society as a whole.

Ensemble Recherche has also approached the matter as involuntarily as it has with curiosity and undertaken various explorations. How can artistic work continue to connect, create resonance, or even physically touch?

Under this premise, the Ensemblehaus becomes an exchange for contact between musicians and audience, sounds and bodies, art and people.

In a hybrid, immersive music installation, visitors can decide for themselves how close they want to get to the sound. Spread across several rooms, one can experience the physical effect of sound, listen through acoustic magnifying glasses, and influence a piece of music by the sheer presence of one’s own body – an interactive journey in sound between ASMR, improvisation, physics, and intimate encounters (and of course: contact microphones).

And since it is also possible to connect online, an internet platform transmits the analogous experiences first live – thereafter, permanently accessible – into virtual space.

Visit the online version

facts about Come closer

  • Co-composed with Eduardo Olloqui, Shizuyo Oka, Melise Mellinger & Åsa Åkerberg
  • First performance: 28.-29.09.2021 @ EnsembleHaus, Freiburg, with ensemble recherche.
  • Online-version premiered 30.09.2021 here.
  • Instrumentation: english horn, bass clarinet, violin and cello
  • Duration: ca. 40:00
  • Gefördert vom Innovationsfond des Landes Baden-Württemberg und dem Musikfonds

Team for KONTAKT:

  • Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Co-composer
  • Morten Riis, Sound Artist
  • Max-Lukas Hundelshausen, Sound Artist
  • Lucia Kilger, Sound Artist
  • Cornelius Reitmayr, Visual Artist
  • Victor Haberkorn, Visual Artist
  • Alexandra Vildosola, Concert Design & Voice
  • Valentin Alisch, Web Design
  • Niklas Berlec, Web Design
  • Tobias Hönow, Webdesign
  • Beate Rieker, Executive Management
  • Clemens K. Thomas, Artistic Management
  • Julia Beier, Project Management
  • Paul Hangstein, Project Assistance
  • Julia Liebermann, Project Assistance
  • Felix Ast, Stage Management
  • Peter Härringer, Stage Management
  • Seehund Media GmbH, Film

ensemble recherche

  • Eduardo Olloqui, Oboe
  • Shizuyo Oka, Clarinet
  • Melise Mellinger, Violin
  • Åsa Åkerberg, Violoncello
  • Klaus Steffes-Holländer, Piano
  • Christian Dierstein, Percussion
KONTAKT with ensemble recherche

group photo after the last performance