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Online premiere of immersive hybrid-installation

Online premiere of immersive hybrid-installation

New immersive hybrid-installation

I just spend the last 10 days in Freiburg with the amazing ensemble recherche and a dream team of artists as preparation for the immersive hybrid-installation KONTAKT.

In the last two days, there has been two 3-hour live-performances in Ensemblehaus, but tonight it’s all online!

Drop by the KONTAKT website here: http://kontakt.ensemble-recherche.de tonight between 7pm-10pm and get in KONTAKT with the musicians and audience.


  • ensemble recherche
  • Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Co-Composer
  • Max-Lukas Hundelshausen, Sound Artist
  • Lucia Kilger, Sound Artist
  • Morten Riis, Sound Artist
  • Cornelius Reitmayr, Visual Artist
  • Victor Haberkorn, Visual Artist
  • Alexandra Vildosola, concert design and voice
  • Valentin Alisch, Webdesign
  • Niklas Berlec, Webdesign
  • Tobias Hönow, Webdesign
  • Seehundmedia, Video Production and Stream
KONTAKT with ensemble recherche

Want to experience KONAKT online?

Drop by the KONTAKT website here