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Danish premiere of SUITE

Danish premiere of SUITE

Tomorrow night at 8pm, the amazing ensemble recherche will perform the Danish premiere of my SUITE.

SUITE is a five-movement ensemble piece, which I composed over several years in close collaboration with ensemble recherche.

The piece uses echoes from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Orchestral Suites. It’s written in a so-called “accelerando-form”, in which the five movements become shorter and shorter, so the durations of the movements go from the opening Ouverture’s 10 calm minutes to the closing Réjouissance with a duration of one single second. 

At the concert, my SUITE will be mirrored by and recomposed in a new piece by composer Morten Riis: Suite for Electro Mechanical Loudspeaker Orchestra.

The accelerando-form in my SUITE is inverted in the recomposition by Morten Riis, and for the concerts at KLANG Festival in Copenhagen and Aarhus, the two pieces are performed as one coherent work alternating between SUITE and Suite one movement at a time.

You can find tickets here.

Photo: Marc Doradzillo