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Tutti the Tiger online!

Tutti the Tiger online!

  • January 2, 2018February 8, 2020

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra‘s Musikkens Børn‘ is now online. If you are having a baby in Aarhus in 2018, then I have great news for you. If you register your baby and yourself you will be offered short baby-concerts with musicians from the orchestra close to your home and you will get a lot of ideas to how to use the music with your child and share it within your family. As your baby becomes older, you will be invited to come and hear the whole symphony orchestra in concert! 


I was so lucky to be asked to compose music for the infomercial about the project. Thank you to Søren Kinch Hansen, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra and Henrik Winther Hansen, who recorded the music in August 2017.


Read more here! (in DK)