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Special Recognition to Nachtmusik!

Special Recognition to Nachtmusik!

Allan Gravgaard Madsen Nachtmusik
Photo: Søren Krabbe / DR

It has just been announced that my double concerto, Nachtmusik, has received a Special Recognition by the Danish Arts Foundation. I’m very thankful for this great honour!

Nachtmusik was commissioned by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra (“DR SymfoniOrkestret”) and premiered September 5th 2019 by Christina Åstrand, Per Salo and DR SymfoniOrkestret with Ryan Bancroft conducting.

9 works have received a Special Recognition this year. Read the full press release here. (in Danish)

Nachtmusik Allan Gravgaard Madsen
Photo: Søren Krabbe / DR P2

“[…] Hypnotic. […] Allan Gravgaard Madsen has created a deeply fascinating work, which embodies compositional control and uninhibited sound beauty that can only awake enthusiasm.”

Excerpt from the committee's motivation