Spring til indhold
Talking about the night

Talking about the night

“During the day you are confronted with others, but at night you are confronted with yourself.”

In today’s edition of HejP2, I talked to host Jakob Wivel about my fascination with the night.

The radio show airs each morning on the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s channel for classical music, P2, and features a new theme each day. Todays theme was “city lights”. 

Jakob was so kind to play excerpts of my double concerto Nachtmusik, which Christina Åstrand, Per Salo, Ryan Bancroft and the DR Symphony Orchestra premiered last year.

Listen to the show from 14:45 and 01:14:45 here! (in Danish)

Allan Gravgaard Madsen photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull
photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull