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Close to You (2020)

Close to You investigates how music can not only reach an audience – but also touch and move them from a distance.

Close to You is an artistic research project and collection of unique and physically engaging music experiences with ensemble recherche and composers Morten Riis and Allan Gravgaard Madsen.

Technical support by Sebastián Zuleta (audio) and Merlin Blumenschein (video).

Close to You
Photo: Merlin Blumenschein
Allan Gravgaard Madsen Close to You
Photo: Merlin Blumenschein


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

A sensuous online phenomenon with millions of views on YouTube and other platforms.

ASMR is characterized by its curious search for calm and intense sounds that stimulate the senses.

ASMR can cause goosebumps and nurture feelings of well-being and presence.

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Photo: Merlin Blumenschein


  • Morten Riis, composer
  • Allan Gravgaard Madsen, composer
  • Sebastián Zuleta, sound recording
  • Merlin Blumenschein, video recording
  • Morten Riis & Allan Gravgaard Madsen, sound & video edit & mix
Close to You ASMR
Photo: Merlin Blumenschein

ensemble recherche

  • Mario Caroli, flute
  • Eduardo Olloqui, oboe
  • Shizuyu Oka, clarinet
  • Christian Dierstein, percusision
  • Klaus Steffes-Holländer, piano
  • Melise Mellinger, violin
  • Åsa Åkerberg, cello

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with support from

Partner: Center for Sound Studies at