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Works Page 6


Nachtstück (2012) for accordion & cello

Commissioned by Bjarke Mogensen. First performed by Bjarke Mogensen and Toke Møldrup at the Hindsgavl Festival, 10.07.12. Duration: ca. 6:00

Allan Gravgaard Madsen

HB x 2 (2012) (12 celli) ‘Happy Birthday’ arranged for cello ensemble with some cello masterpiece-quotations.

Allan Gravgaard Madsen

Intermezzi (2011) for percussion & piano

Commissioned by AUT – Aarhus Unge Kunstnere. First performed by Lydenskab at Granhøj Dans, Aarhus, 04.12.11. Duration: ca. 5:00

S (2011) for guitar

First performed by Tim McVeigh-Pedersen at AUT’s Concertini-events, Aarhus, 18.06.11. Duration: ca. 9:00